“Do not store up for yourselves treasure on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal” -Jesus (Matthew 6:19-20)

At first glance, you may be saying to yourself, “Duh, put your treasure in heaven!” But maybe we should stop before we move on and take inventory of where our treasure truly is.

How have you been doing with the current crisis in our world today? How has the stock market crashing affected you emotionally? Businesses are shutting down and potentially will not be able to pay the bills. Schools have shut down maybe for the summer. Vacations are either cancelled or have the threat of being cancelled. Have any of the recent events caused you to despair? Have you been freaking out?

This verse ran through my head as I heard of many people rushing to the store to buy toilet paper and canned goods. While that may seem ridiculous to some, I wonder if we are not doing the very same thing in our hearts. Maybe the problem has been going on long before this pandemic. Are you satisfied with the house or apartment you live in? The car you drive? The career, or lack thereof, that you have built? Your bank account? Your boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, children?

If fear or anxiety has gripped you or you have had a loss of hope or maybe even feel hopeless, then maybe it’s a sign that you are making too much of this world. If you find yourself many times longing for what others have or embarrassed by what you don’t have, maybe you are making too much of a life for yourself here on earth.

Spend some time confessing to the Lord where you have stored up things for yourself here on earth. Ask him to help you put your hope in heaven.

Maybe you stocked up on way too many supplies. Could you give some of that away? Even at the potential of not having enough? Why not give some away to your neighbors? Give some of your canned goods to the homeless. Give me some soft toilet paper for crying out loud! (my wife bought the crappy kind (no pun intended)).

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One thought on “Treasure

  1. This is a good reminder. These things that are happening are opportunities for us to assess where our hearts are at. I don’t think the LORD “caused” this necessarily and yet “what some meant for evil he can use for good.


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