“Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things;
and give me life in your ways.” Psalms 119:37

Where are you turning your eyes to these days?

There is a lot you can turn your eyes to during this pandemic. One of the quickest paths to fear is to watch the news. I confess I have watched it only twice during this pandemic, and I found myself moving toward fear and despair both times. Especially, with the invention of 24 hour news channels, there are lots of worthless things being reported on. (Now, I know what some of you are saying, “How do you stay informed?” It’s not as hard as you think, and there is enough on my plate to deal with every day.)

There is much more that we can turn our eyes to that is not very helpful. The internet is filled with things that distract us and can steal life from us. Pornography is only a click away and can slowly, and sometimes instantly, rob you of joy and lead you down a path of destruction. Social media may seem innocent, but as many of you know, it can lead you into jealousy and insecurity. Television and all the streaming apps can not only be a huge waste of time but can also steal life from you.

Now I am very aware that some of these things have helpful information and can be uplifting, but we need to be careful how we take those things in and how much of it we consume.

If we really want the life we truly desire then we need to turn our eyes to the One who created life. Who else knows better how to give life and how to make it work best?

There is only one source that can consistently bring you life. God’s word is “living and active,” “flawless,” “right and true.” “It will not return void” like some of the news being reported, so you can trust in it.

If you are struggling with where you are turning your eyes, make sure you hold God’s word near to your heart. Psalm 119:37 is a perfect verse to memorize to help you navigate what you should or should not turn your eyes to. Is the thing I’m turning my eyes to bringing me life or is it worthless?

Spend some time in prayer asking the Lord to reveal where you have turned your eyes towards worthless things. Confess these things to Him and repent (turn your eyes away from them). Conscrate your eyes to Him. Set your sights on things above.

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