“pray continually” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Don’t worry. Praying continually doesn’t mean you have to kneel for the rest of your life with your hands folded and eyes closed! The more you pray the more you’ll find you can pray anytime and anywhere. 

This kind of prayer is more of an attitude that an actual uttering of words. It is sort of a centering of self except you are centering not on yourself but on the One who created you. Praying constantly reminds you that God is always in control. We are acknowledging our dependence on Him and realizing His presence in our lives. If you just remember those three things you will thrive in life. 

Still, for many, prayer is still a struggle. It feels like more of a chore and the idea of having to pray all day sounds more like a punishment. I suspect, as my friend Jim Branch realized, that “maybe our definition of prayer is far too small and rigid. Prayer isn’t so much about performing a duty as it is about building a wonderfully initmate relationship. Prayer isn’t simply throwing all the words we can muster at the unseen God, but it – at its very core – has always been about union with the God who lives within us.”

Why did God ask us to pray continually? Because prayer is to your soul as breathing is to your body. If you don’t breathe, you cannot live. If you don’t pray, your soul will cease to thrive. 

This is also how you can “be joyful always.”

Spend some time in prayer right now. Ask the Lord to expand your definition of prayer and to help you to tune in to the conversation that is already going on in heaven between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Ask Him to awaken you to His presence in your life. Open up the lines of communication with the Lord all day today, conversing with Him throughout the day. Remember, the goal is relationship and union.

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