“You see, God takes all our crimes— our seemingly inexhaustible sins— and removes them.
As far as east is from the west, He removes them from us.” Psalms 103:12

Too many Christians walk around with the guilt of past sins. It cripples them. It renders them ineffective and causes them to give up. For those who are in Christ there is real forgiveness. 

The east and the west never meet, so the distance between them is infinite; therefore God’s forgiveness is infinite and permanent. He doesn’t go back and rehash our old sins like we do. 

There is no sin that you have committed that has more power than the Cross. No amount of sins that can trump what Jesus did on the Cross. 

All of those past sins that the enemy uses to bring you down and make you quit, it’s time to give it to the One who paid the penalty of our sin, so we didn’t have to. 

Spend some time confessing your sins to the Lord, and release to Him the guilt of your sin as well. Then get up and move forward in your relationship with Him pursuing love and joy and peace. 

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