I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

“…If you are thirsty, come here; come, there’s water for all. Whoever is poor and penniless can still come and buy the food I sell. There’s no cost—here, have some food, hearty and delicious, and beverages, pure and good. I don’t understand why you spend your money for things that don’t nourish or work so hard for what leaves you empty. Attend to Me and eat what is good; enjoy the richest, most delectable of things.” Isaiah 55:1-2 Voice

What do you long for? What do you hunger and thirst for? Is it to be out of this pandemic? Is it to be married? Have kids? Be rich? Be popular? 

We can spend all of our efforts on things that don’t last and don’t satisfy. God is offering free food for your souls. He is offering what your soul has always been longing for. Some of you have tasted it and found that it is good and true. 

Maybe you don’t long for anything right now. Maybe sin has dulled your senses and clouded over your longings, so you can’t feel or see anything. 

The offer is still there. True satisfaction for what your heart truly longs for is yours for the taking; however, to get it you have to look past the things you can see, that seem like the best option but never deliver, and trust in the One who always delivers even beyond what you can even dream of. Then “your soul will delight in the richest of fare.”

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