Let’s Set Things Straight

“GOD’s business is putting things right;
he loves getting the lines straight,
Setting us straight. Once we’re standing tall,
we can look him straight in the eye.” Psalms 11:7

The LORD is righteous, meaning His nature and His character will always move toward what is right. For some, His righteousness is perplexing thinking, “How can anyone be that good and right?!” For others, it is uncomfortable wondering how God could love someone who is so flawed. Yet for those who are in Christ, it should be a huge comfort. How amazing is it that we can fully trust in His righteousness? It was His righteousness, after all, that paved the way for our unlikely righteousness, that now allows us to look God “straight in the eye.”

We live in a crooked, tangled, and broken world that makes it difficult to know what right and true. As I look back on any point in my life I can see how crooked and winding my path has been; I mean, I have had some huge deviations that can be unsettling and downright embarassing, but as I pull back and look through it all, I can really see how the Lord has straightened it all out. I am blown away at how God has taken all my bad decisions and wanderings and turned them into something much better.

How do you see your journey in life? Were you bogged down at one point? Are there some things in your past you are not proud of? Ask the Lord to show you a larger view of your path to this point. If you are still struggling to see, maybe it’s time to simply make a decision to put your trust in the One who is in the business of “putting things right.” God is always working on you; be careful that you don’t get stuck at any one point. Maybe its time to exercise your faith and believe the Lord is setting you straight.

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