Want Peace?

“And let the peace of Christ be ruling in your hearts, as it was the purpose of God for you to be one body; and give praise to God at all times.” Colossians 3:15 BBE

Who doesn’t want peace?! You would be hard-pressed to find anyone in this life who doesn’t. Now I know many of you would point to the fanatical groups out there who kill others, as the exception my argument, but even for them, ultimately, their end goal is their version of peace; they just have a warped mindset with regard to how to achieve it. While peace can mean a lot of things to many different people, the peace this verse is talking about only comes supernaturally through Christ.

Also, notice the peace this verse is referring to is for the purpose of bringing everyone together and not dividing. We have to be careful that our quest for peace does not lead us to attacking others who seem to get in our way. I remember when I was in college I would get so mad at my roommates for making so much noise in the morning that I would yell, “Stop making so much noise! I’m trying to have a quiet time!” Somehow, in my quest for peace, even though it was backed by good intentions, I was way off track.

The peace that we truly long for, that we need more than anything else, comes from conneting to the Prince of Peace. It is no coincidence that we feel this peace the most when we are worshipping and praising Him.

Take a minute to bring to the Lord all of the obstacles that are keeping you from peace. Spend some time praising the Lord, giving Him thanks for who He is. Pray His peace into your life.

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