Hold on for Dear Life!

“Love others well, and don’t hide behind a mask; love authentically. Despise evil; pursue what is good as if your life depends on it.” Romans 12:9 TV

There’s never been a better time than now to begin to genuinly love each other. We can all be courteous to other people, but to love them takes a lot more time and effort. It’s time to stop trying to be something you are not and take off the masks and learn to love your neighbor despite their religion, background, disability, gender, or even the color of their skin.

Abhor the evil that is all around you knowing that some of it is not always easily recognized. How do we decipher whether something is evil or not? Cling to what is good! Or as Eugene Peterson says in the message translation, “Run for dear life from evil, hold on for dear life to good.”

Take a minute to pray, and ask the Lord to show you where you’ve been fake or inauthentic. Confess you sin to Him and ask Him to help you take off the mask. Ask Him to help you pursue what is good and right. Once you find it, hold on to it like your life depends on it!

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