Natural vs. Supernatural

“Bless your enemies; no cursing under your breath.” Romans 12:14 TM

It sounds like a good idea. It even sounds like the right thing to do. The reality of actually doing it, however, is not as easy. It’s one thing to forgive your enemy but it’s another to wish blessing on him.

What is your first reaction when someone says bad things about you? What about when he is just outright cruel to you? If you are a normal human, your first reaction would be to get defensive or maybe fight back or maybe just get angry at him. We are not called to be normal though. We are called to be set apart, different.

To bless your enemies takes a different perspective. You have to know that your identity is secure in Christ, so that when it is attacked, you are not moved. It’s easy for me to write that but supernatural to execute it. Our faith has to be more than knowledge; it has to be in our very being if we are to accomplish this feat.

Let’s look at some real world examples and see how we do. How about your boss or company who won’t give you that raise or promotion or has even laid you off? Are you able to bless him? What about the authorities in your government making decisions that are oppressive and corrupt? Are you able to bless them? How about people on social media or even in person attacking or abusing you or someone you love?

Take a minute to sit with the Lord, and ask Him where you might need some help in this area. Spend some time confessing where you have let anger and bitterness rule in these situations. Pray blessing on those who have hurt you. It probably won’t be easy, especially if the act against you was horrific; nonetheless, ask Jesus to help you access the same strength He had when He said, “Father forgive them, for they no not what they do,” and then blessed us by laying down His life for us.

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