Settle the Score

Again, my loved ones, do not seek revenge; instead, allow God’s wrath to make sure justice is served. Turn it over to Him. For the Scriptures say, “Revenge is Mine. I will settle all scores.” Romans 12:19 TV

In a world of lawsuits and social activism, this scripture seems impossible. People want justice, and they want it now. It seems that if you choose to not seek revenge, then someone will do it for you.

I’ve certainly partaken in my dose of revenge, and I can honestly say it never felt good. Harboring resentment weighs you down and can even affect your health. Saying all these things, I realize they won’t motivate anyone to not take revenge. When it comes down to it, it’s a choice for us. Do we trust in God’s judgement, or do we take matters into our own hands?

Trusting the Lord to avenge is just part of the process. There is also a need to forgive those who hurt you. I know this sounds like a big challenge. It is! Which is why we need to access the Supernatural to help us perform something that isn’t natural. Why not ask for help from someone who is the King of forgiveness? He forgave you after all.

Spend some time with the Lord, and ask Him to reveal where you are holding on to some unforgiveness. Maybe it’s not one person. Maybe it’s a a group of people like a political party, or a social movement, or the media, or the popular crowd. Whoever it is, ask the Lord to help you forgive them, and trust that He will “settle the score.”

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